Tesla’s Ideal Flying Machine by William R. Lyne

Tesla’s Ideal Flying Machine

Presentation by William R. Lyne given
at the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference

Tesla's Ideal Flying Machine by William R. Lyne

Tesla’s Ideal Flying Machine by William R. Lyne

The illustration directly below was commissioned by Nikola Tesla in preparation of his offer to the U.S. Government in 1914. The U.S. Government rejected his offer but when he offered them to Germany, they purchased Tesla’s electric propulsion technology.

This image portrays Tesla’s Ideal Flying Machine and how they are originally planned to be powered by his Wardenclyffe type magnifying transmitter.

Tesla's Vision for his Ideal Flying MachineWhen I was 8 years old in 1946, I found out that oil field workers in West Texas and Southern New Mexico were seeing silvery flying discs in the remote oil fields.

When I was 13, I met astrophysicist Dr. Lincoln La Paz who was employed by the U.S. Government to help cover up Nazi flying saucer technology brought to New Mexico after WWII. What I learned from him changed the course of my life.

Almost everything believed about “space aliens” are nothing more than a complex web of lies within lies to cover up the real truth that the U.S. Government has had fully operational electric propulsion craft capable of interstellar travel for over 70 years.

I outline all of my evidence to support this claim in my books Space Aliens from the Pentagon (1995) and Occult Ether Physics (1998), but I rarely have presented such a complete expose of this material in a live presentation – Tesla’s Ideal Flying Machine.

This presentation also covers my work with the Atomic Hydrogen Furnace technology that I developed many years ago, which is partially inspired from Irving Langmuir’s work with his Atomic Hydrogen Torch. Hydrogen molecules require a smaller amount of energy to split them into atomic hydrogen than the energy released when they are recombined back into molecular hydrogen!

Throughout Tesla’s Ideal Flying Machine, I also take time to answer questions from the audience regarding all kinds of topics related to my work.


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